When Can I Reapply If My Citizenship Application Was Denied?

When we make the choice to apply for Naturalization, we must do so carefully by filing the right information, being completely truthful, and only doing things in a way that can ensure our success.  

For some reason or another, at times we may find that things do not always go as expected. Sometimes your citizenship application might even be denied by USCIS. This stop in your path does not necessarily mean it’s over. In many cases, you can reapply. 

How do I know 
when to reapply? 

If your application is denied, the denial letter or notice will indicate all the details of the decision – including when you can reapply for your citizenship. The denial notice should also include the reasons as to why you were denied, which makes reapplying easier 

In the case that the decision for your denial was caused because you failed the English or civics test, you can reapply for citizenship as soon as you want. It is encouraged, however, that you apply after studying enough to pass both tests. 

In any situation for reapplying for your citizenship, you would have to fill out and resubmit a new N-400 form, attach any support information needed for the case, and pay the government fee again. It will be just as if you were starting from zero. 

What can I do to make sure my application is not denied again? 

If the decision letter or notice states that the reason why your application was denied is something you can change – like an error in the information when completing the application, or because there was something important missing when you sent the package – you may be able to reapply, fully knowing that what you did the previous time has to be done differently the second time around. 

If the reason on the decision notice is something you do not understand and you would like clarification on the matter, call our firm at 469-708-5800 or schedule a free of charge initial consultation with our immigration attorney. We’ll be glad to assist you in this process too and help you achieve your immigration goals! 



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