Form I-130 supporting documents to prove family relationship

As a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident who has family members living outside the United States, you can file petitions to help them immigrate though form I-130.

When doing this, perhaps one of the most important steps is to gather all the documents to prove the family relationship, so you should know which are the Form I-130 supporting documents you need. 


Which Form I-130 supporting documents are needed to prove your family relationship

There are particular documents for each case. Let’s go over some common cases and which are the documents you will need for each one.

You have to remember that US Citizens and lawful permanent residents have different categories for family members that they want to sponsor. Checking the table can help you out.

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Filing for Your Spouse:

If you are trying to file a petition for your spouse the form I-130 supporting documents you need to attach are  a copy of your marriage certificate and proof that any previous marriages (if there are any) where legally terminated.

You must also submit two identical color passport-style photographs of yourself and your spouse (if he or she is in the United States) taken within 30 days of filing the petition.

In addition to the required documentation listed above, you should submit documentation that proves you have a bona fide marriage.


Filing for Your Child:

If you are filing the petition for alien relative  for your child or children and you are the mother, you need to submit a copy of the child’s birth certificate showing your name and the name of your child.

If you are the father of the child, you’ll also need a copy of the child’s birth certificate but it has to show both parents’ names.

It is also a must to file the marriage certificate of the child’s mother, and proof of legal termination of the parents’ prior marriages, if any, issued by civil authorities.


Filing for Siblings:

The Form I-130 supporting documents to prove your relationship with a sibling file are a copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your sibling’s birth certificate proving that you have at least one common parent.

Filing for Your Parents:

When filing the petition for your mother you have to submit a copy of your birth certificate showing your name and your mother’s name.

If you are filing for your father, file a copy of your birth certificate showing the names of both parents. Also submit a copy of your parents’ marriage certificate establishing that your father was married to your mother.

If either your mother or father were previously married, submit copies of documents showing that each of the prior marriages were legally terminated.

It’s worth noting that if your petition is based on a stepparent-stepchild relationship, you must submit some additional form I-130 supporting documents: 

  • A copy of the marriage certificate of the stepparent to the child’s natural parent showing that the marriage occurred before the child turned 18 years of age.
  • Copies of documents showing that any prior marriages were legally terminated (if applicable).
  • A copy of the stepchild’s birth certificate.

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